Monday, September 28, 2009

Man Marries 4 Brides at same Ceremony

It is reported that a South African man recently married four women at the same marriage ceremony. Milton Mbhele, the 44-year-old groom, showed up for his wedding in Weenen, near Ladysmith, in a white limousine - with four brides. The brides wore white gowns, and each received rings and a kiss from the groom at a ceremony attended by hundreds of people.



Ever heard of something like this? Though it sounds strange, in South Africa polygamous marriages are common among several tribes. In fact, the South African law permits polygamous marriages.


Milton Mbhele, who is a municipal manager in Indaka, said the joint celebration saved money by combining the festivities. Interestingly, he has already been married to Thobile Vilakazi for 12 years and has 11 children. Now his wives are planning to live separately and he will visit them in rotation!


via Daily Telegraph


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