Saturday, July 18, 2009

Willow - Dog that can Read!

Dog That Can Read

According to news reports, New York animal trainer Lyssa Rosenberg has taught her terrier 'Willow' to obey simple written commands. How? For example, Willow plays dead when she sees the word 'bang', stretches a paw in the air when she sees 'wave' and gets up on her back feet to beg when she sees the words 'sit up'. So, like humans dogs can also read words?

How it started? Ms Rosenberg has the experience of training dogs to appear in TV adverts and pose on photo shoots. Once, for a bet she told a friend that she would teach Willow to read. The friend challenged the bet and promised a free trip to Mexico if she could do it. So, Ms Rosenberg started to train Willow and within six weeks the terrier was ready with the ability to recognize words and react to written commands. Ms Rosenberg won the bet and Willow went on a trip to Mexico with her!

Willow has her own pet passport and regularly flies transatlantic to visit Ms Rosenberg's husband Gareth Howells, in Guildford, Surrey. She was also the second witness at the couple's wedding at New York City Hall in March - signing the marriage certificate with an inky paw print.


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