Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Farmer's home-made helicopter

Take a look at the picture. This is a real, hand made helicopter, created by a Chinese farmer out of wood.
Wu Zhongyuan, the 20 years old man, of Luoyang, in central China's Henan province, took nearly three months to complete his home-made aircraft.
He says he used his memories of middle school physics lessons to make the machine which he claims can fly up to a height of 800 metres.
"I didn't have a design," he said. "The only source for me to get relevant knowledge was surfing the internet via my mobile phone."
The blades are made from an elm tree, the engine is from a motorcycle and the frame is reinforced with steel pipes, reports Dahe Daily.
Wu, who lives in a mountain village, said: "I had this dream from childhood of not needing to climb mountains anymore. I wanted to go to school in my own flying machine."
His father, Wu Xizhao, said his son had spent less than £1,000 on developing the helicopter which is due to make its maiden flight later this week.
"He loves machines. At one time or another, he has taken apart and put back together every gadget in the house," he said.


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